Product Rescue and Existing Product Re-Development Service

If you can't build it, its not a product anymore.

We bring 25+ years of our own technical product development and design experience along with our technical contacts to apply to your projects and assure that your Systems sub-modules and sub-circuits will function properly when our work is completed. We also help to assure that your circuits will continue to meet itheir specifications.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Your vendor has given you notice that the part you've been using will no longer be available. You need to refresh the design with available parts.
  • A critical component for your product has increasingly large lead times. You need to start a re-design now to use more commonly available parts.
  • Component shortages, particularly of single source items, are delaying shipments. You product was launched with only sole source parts, you now need to qualify more sources so that production runs more smoothly.
  • Your preferred vendor has given you notice that they'll no longer be manufacturing the product they build for you. You need to qualify a new vendor right away.
  • The replacement for a recently obsolete part doesn't work as well as the original. You need to revisit the design changes and choose a better component.
  • The design team produced a product you haven't successfully moved into manufacturing. You need to improve the documentation, and provide better test systems to complete the transition.
  • You are a small group that just doesn't have the time or resources for manufacturing engineering. All your engineers are focused on new designs.

If you face any of the above, or similar issues, call us at (408) 739-5046 or email us at info@angotti.com now so we can discuss and help you address your specific challenges.

Below are just some examples of work we have done with other clients:

  • Product redesign to eliminate a problem part and keep revenues flowing.
  • Manufacturing engineering assistance to improve documentation and make manufacturing easier.
  • Component research and qualification to smooth manufacturing flow and keep sales going.
  • Design Reviews for manufacturing to speed product introduction.
  • Improve the quality management process during development to reduce time and cost for the overall development cycle.

We are here to help

Each person on the APD Product Rescue Team knows what you're facing. We've seen and corrected such problems many times before. Our consulting team experts focus on solving these kinds of issues that make shipments happen reliably.

Give us a call at (408) 739-5046. We'll listen to your need and then we'll work with you to apply a jointly agreed upon solution to your challenges. We partner with you until you have the results you want.

If you're ready for a consulting relationship that will help you take your manufacturing to the next level, call or email us now.

If you would like to know a little more about us please visit our website: www.angotti.com/ProductRescue

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