List of Our Past Clients and Projects

Listed below are some of the clients who have worked with Angotti Product Development over its 20+ years of supplying consulting and independent contracting services. They represent both start-up and established companies of all sizes.”

LIT Gear, LLC (Stealth Mode)
- Battery Powered, Wearable Electronics Garment that contains multiple LEDs driven by a Micontroller. Microcontroller communicates with a second unit via Bluetooth

Sensoplex, Inc
- Board Level Hardware Design for a Development Platform with Sensors and Bluetooth communications

Glew Engineering
- System and Circuit Review of New Product, System Review of Power Commercial Product

ID Tech Products (Formerly VivoTech)
- Design of Embedded Controller Credit Card Products

- Design of Embedded Controller Medical Device

Tronics MedTech
- Design of New Implantable Medical Device

- Design of Analog Driver Card

Abbott Diabetes Care (former TheraSense, Inc)
- Custom Functional Test System Design

FyreStorm, Inc.
- Design of Analog portion of IC Validation Tester

S&C Electric Company
- Troubleshoot Controller Card

Modular Process Technology
- Special Purpose Multi-Output Interface Driver

Radia Communications
- Special FPGA Based Breadboard Design

Ultratech Stepper (Sub-Contract)
- Motion Control PCB Design

- Audio Based Consumer Product Design

Alexza Molecular Delivery
- Special, Battery Operated Driver Circuit

Lightbit Corporation (Former IOA Corporation)
- Wide Bandwidth, Low Noise Optical Amplifiers

Maxtor (Former Quantum)
- Unique Hard Disk Consumer Product

Vina Technologies
- Specialized Tester Card for Telecom System

Tality (Former Cadence Design Systems)
- Motherboard for Broadband Optical Communications System

Spirent Communications (Former Zarak Systems)
- Specialized Telephone Test Circuit Designs

- FPGA Design for an Audio Product

Hewlett-Packard, Netserver Div.
- Specialized Circuit Design and Analysis

Diablo Research Co.
- Specialized PC Motherboard Design

SMP Technology (Affymetrix, Inc.)
- Specialized Purpose Valve Driver Design

L & I Research, Inc
- Production Lithium Ion Battery Conditioning System

Spatial Media, Inc
- Battery Operated Consumer Product, 3D Viewer and Transmitter

Monitek Corporation
- Systems and Circuit Design and Analysis and Firmware for MPU based Industrial Measurement Systems

Viewgraphics Corp. (Sub-Contract)
- High Speed Video Multiplexing Circuit

National Semiconductor
- Debug and Test procedures and Equipment for a high security PCMCIA Card for laptop computers

Raytek Corporation
- Redesign of a special purpose temperature probe

Wise Associates
- Consumer based, special purpose telephone answering device

- Legal Analysis and technical opinion paper for a patent application and other Expert Witness work

Compaq (FormerTandem) Computers
- Redesign of Analog Portion of Controller Card

Phyxation, Inc.
- Design of Video Multiplexor for Cable TV

Tencor/Prometrix (Sub-Contract)
- Redesign of multiple Analog/Digital Interface Cards for Semiconductor Substrate Tester

Origin Medsystems (Sub-Contract)
- Electronics Design and IBM Software for Medical Device Production Tester and QA Data Gathering System

Vista Labs
- Testability Analysis of Telco T1 Multiplexor

Former Grid Systems (Sub-Contract)
- IBM AT Bus Interface Extender

Sun Microsystems (Sub-contract)
- Full Power Up Removable Hard Disk Interface

Coherent Inc. (Medical Division)
- Electronic Water Saver
- Interface for Slit Analyzer

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
- PS/2 Model 80 ESDI Hard Disk Controller

Former Altus Corporation
- Lithium Battery Charger Circuit

Reliable Communications (TestWorks)
- Test of Telco Communications Interface Equipment and QA report generation.

Logical Services, Inc. (Sub-contract)
- Energy Management System for Supermarket
- Review of Medical Heart Pump System
- Built In Test For Heart Video Monitor System

- Medical Laser Embedded Controller and System Design

Spectra Physics
- New product circuit timing analysis

Coretech (Cobra Systems)
- Embedded Microcontroller Automobile Alarms

Elan Energy Systems
- Energy Management Systems Design

Unisys (Former Memorex)
- Disk Drive Test Equipment Design

Applied Materials, Inc.
- Analog Circuit Designs for Semiconductor Process Equipment

Kaiser Electronics
- CRT Based Avionics Designs and Analyses

Infineon (Former Siemens) Optoelectronics
- Opto-electronics Applications

Hewlett - Packard Co.
- Opto-electronic Applications

A. T. Hunn Corporation
- Swimming Pool Motor Controller Design

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