Systems Level Technical Assistance

We bring 25+ years of our own technical product development and design experience along with our technical contacts to apply to your projects and assure that your Systems sub-modules and sub-circuits will function properly when design is completed. We also help to assure that your circuit will meet its specifications when completed.

System Design, Analysis and Troubleshooting Services

  • Rescue A Product In Distress due to excessive parts cost or parts becoming obsolete
  • Create System concept and architecture from design specifications and system general concepts
  • Review Circuits and modules for design integrity
  • Validate practicality of system designs
  • Validate Specifications
  • Spice Circuit Model Analysis
  • Troubleshoot System Level Fault and interaction Problems
  • Assure that the analog, digital, and FPGA Circuits, plus the microcontroller code will interface with each other

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Angotti Product Development
Project Management, Systems and Circuit Design Services for Electronic Product Development