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This page contains back issues of the newsletters published by Carl Angotti on the improvement of the Product Development Process and Consulting Services.

 Newsletters Published by Angotti Product Development

Value the Early Days of a Project - Are the early days of a project more, or less important?

 Critical Value of Specifications - Importance of Specifications and Related Documents to Project Success

 Use Risk Management Can Help Make Projects work - Keep projects on track by using this tool.

 Make Projects Work with Proper Planning -Planning can make or break a project

 Handling Unknown Project Risks - Keep Projects on Track by Quick Response to Project Problems

Keeping Track of Projects #1 - How can projects be tracked more effectively (Part One)

Keeping Track of Projects #2 - Two modern approaches to allow projects to be tracked more effectively (Part Two)

Periodic Review Meetings - Why hold them? Why they don't work? What to do about it.

Supporting the Project Team #1 - How to learn to support the Project Team.

Supporting the Project Team #2 - How to learn to support the Project Team (Cont'd).

Follow up on Project Team Promises - Keeping the team motivated by keeping team promises.

Plan for the Inevitable Slips at Debug and Test - Work to have a good set of plans for this phase.

Plan for the Inevitable Project Cost Overruns - Work to have a formal approach to tracking and controlling Project Cost.

Create a Plan to Feedback Project Lessons Learned - Have a formal approach to informing others on what worked and didn't work for a project

Putting an End to Product Introduction Creep- Stop Critical Milestone Slip in New Product Development Projects

How Outsourcing Affects Projects #1 - Effective First Steps to working with outsourced projects

How Outsourcing Affects Projects #2 - Two critical problems that effect Off Shore Outsourcing

Newsletters on Providing Consulting Services

Included in this section are papers on providing consulting services written by Carl Angotti, and from other sources. If you have questions, please call me at 408-739-4056.

Paper 1 - Under Construction

Paper 2 - Under Construction 

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