Digital Technical Assistance

We bring 25+ years of our own technical product development and design experience along with our technical contacts to apply to your projects and assure that your Digital Board level designs will function properly when design is completed. We also help to assure that your circuit will meet its specifications when completed.

Microprocessor System and Interface Electronics

  • Designs using Intel, Motorola, MicroChip and Atmel Processors and Controllers
  • Design of DSP Circuits from TI and Analog Devices
  • Design Embedded Controller Test Code
  • Embedded Controller Code
  • Design of Analog IC and Processor Interfaces

Digital Design

  • Digital logic for Telecommunications including Fiber Optic and RF, Servo Controllers and Test Equipment
  • Design of numerous Bus Interfaces
  • Design of FPGA ASICs - Includes Altera and Xilinx

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Angotti Product Development
Project Management, Systems and Circuit Design Services for Electronic Product Development