Analog Design Technical Assistance

We bring 30+ years of our own design experience, along with our technical contacts to apply to your projects and assure that your circuits will work properly in breadboards, prototypes and manufacture.

Hardware Design Services

  • Design Reviews 
    • Second opinion on a complex Analog design
    • Help with a troubled Analog circuit
    • Due dilligence on analog or mixed signal circuit about to go into manufacture.
  • Spice Circuit Model Generation and Analyisis
    • Models of Combined Logic and Analog Circuits
    • Create workable models for real circuits
    • Analysis of PCB Transmission Line effects
  • Signal Integrity Issues
    • GHz Data Transmission Across PCBs
    • PCB Transmission Line Effects
    • Low Level Noise Problems
    • Combined Signal and Power Distribution on real systems
  • Analog Board Level Circuit Designs including:
    • High Speed Analog Amplifiers
    • Fiber Optic Analog Amplifiers and Drivers
    • Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters
    • Complex IC Circuit Interfaces and designs
    • High Powered Analog Drivers
    • Low Power and Battery Operated Circuits

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